MGOB Tool Box


The club has some specialty tools that are available to the membership. Listed below are the tools that are currently available.Guidelines The MGs of Baltimore Ltd. owns certain tools, and membership entitles you to the use thereof. You do so at your own risk. If you don’t know how a certain tool works or how it is used, seek the advice of a member proficient in the use of the equipment or tool.

  1. The person borrowing the tool is responsible for it until it is returned to the club. It cannot be directly handed off to another member without the approval of the caretaker of the tools, Eric Salminen.
  2. Club Tools are available only to current members of MGOB.
  3. Tools are borrowed for a reasonable period of time, typically two to four weeks.
  4. The club will maintain a logbook that will keep track of the whereabouts and status of the tools.
  5. Persons not returning tools will be subject to unspeakable consequences. (You don’t want to know.)

The person responsible for club tools is Eric Salminen. He can be reached at or 443-463-3071.


Engine Stand (2)

Engine lift with tilt device (2)

Whitworth wrenches

Whitworth sockets

Whitworth thread file

MGB Kingpin Reamer

Sandblaster (Suction from a bucket type)

Rostyle Wheel Paint Mask  (MGB)

Midget Kingpin reamer

SU Carb Throttle shaft reamer for MG T,A, B carbs

SU Carb Throttle shaft reamer for Midget carbs

Click Type Torque Wrench 0-150 ft-lb.

Standard 1/2″ Socket set

Hub Puller

Rear Hub sockets for MGA and early and late MGB

Harmonic balancer puller

Camshaft Degree wheel with TDC finder, etc.

Timing light

Dwell/Tach Meter

Differential flange removal tool

Brake line bender – tubing cutter – bubble type flaring tools

Slide Hammer for bushings, bearing caps, and axle extraction

Lift-A-Dot Upholstery punch tool

SU Carb Synchronizer

Pickle Fork for Tie Rod ends

MGB Clutch Alignment Tool

Front Suspension Toe-In Adjustment Tool

MGs of Baltimore#