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Serving MG owners in the Metro Baltimore area since 1977

Our Meeting location offers up a great menu and more www.JohnnyDeesLounge.com

How do you take the ordinary and make it extraordinary? With fresh ingredients, attention to detail and consistency…that’s how Johnny Dee’s Lounge has been serving food for the past 60 years. Our menu boasts homemade comfort foods, family “secret” Italian dishes and chef-inspired creations from our own house chef. No matter what mood you are in, we have something for you.

Our History

When the Lounge opened more than 60 years ago, men who are now grandfathers, even great grandfathers, were coming back from a place called Korea. Americans weren’t eating quiche or sushi, or cooking with mesquite. The great cholesterol scare, and even bran fever hadn’t struck. So founder Herb Tyler served good, stick-to-your-ribs food at modest prices. The fare was a complimentary mix of homemade soups, popular sandwiches and Maryland seafood specialties, served up with a smile and your favorite beverage.

Johnny Dee assumed ownership of The Lounge in 1986, after a 15-year partnership in Dici Naz Valleggia in Towson. He and his staffed worked hard to carry on the tradition of delicious hand-made meals and excellent service at modest prices.

Now, as we are well into the new millennium, Johnny Appel will succeed his father in carrying on this family tradition. With 25 years of experience under his belt, including Little Italy and the past 23 years at The Lounge, he too will strive to continue the family legacy.

Shrimp salad still ranks #1 in popularity. Our soups are blended in our own kitchen. The turkeys are still roasted in our own ovens each morning. Fresh potatoes are peeled, sliced and fried to order every day, and our burgers are made the old fashioned way; fresh ground beef arrives daily, and each patty is formed by hand.

Over the years, Johnny has expanded the menu, adding the house specialties of Sour Beef & Dumplings, BBQ’d Danish Baby Back Ribs, and of course, homemade Italian dishes like Chicken Johnny Dee and Stuffed Shells. We hope that you can relax and enjoy our casual dining atmosphere, that you find your service prompt and pleasant, and that your meal delights your palate.


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