29th “Get the Dust-Off” Rallye

The 29th Annual “Get the Dust-Off” Rallye will be held,  Sunday, May 6, 2018.

Click on the link below for the 2018 flier to register:

2018 GTDO flyer

This will be a straight-forward Time-Speed-Distance Monte Carlo style rally of approximately 60 competitive miles. No unpaved sections. Timing will be scored to one-one hundredth of a minute (.01). All vehicles welcome.


Vintage (pre-1960), Historic I (1960’s), Historic II (1970-1981), Seat-of-the-Pants (let’s not get too serious about this and have fun), and SCCA competitive classes – Stock, Limited, Equipped, and Novice. Awards will be based on number of entrants per class.


Contact Rallymaster Eric Salminen at (443-463-3071) or mgobrallymaster@gmail.com for additional rally information.

Click on the link below for 2017’s winners

2018 GTDO Scoring Double Click Below:

2018 GTDO Scores by class


MGs of Baltimore#